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MEET brings together promising high school students for a cutting-edge three-year program. Each cohort consists of equal numbers of young men and women, and Israelis and Palestinians are equally represented.

Together, they learn computer science, social entrepreneurship, and leadership skills, in a curriculum we’ve crafted with MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), our long-term academic partner.

At MEET, binational co-ed teams work on finding solutions to hard technological problems, and apply their skills to create projects with direct social impact on their communities.

MEET is all about:

computer science


leadership & soft skills

professional & personal connections

student program

MEET’s Student Program unfolds over three years of progressively more challenging curriculum.
Over the course of the three-year program, students work in smaller, diverse groups on joint projects, learn computer science and entrepreneurship, and explore each other's narratives.
Building strong social bonds is just as important as honing technical skills at MEET, and we’ve designed a curriculum that blends together core topics with leadership development, guided discussions, and many opportunities for the students to simply have fun together.

Students' Journey at MEET:


In 2018, MEETx launched to open up our innovative education model to students beyond our two physical hubs in Jerusalem and Nazareth.
MEETx leverages remote learning and collaboration technologies to transcend distance — it incorporates face-to-face interaction to foster social and professional relationships.
Our ambitious vision for MEETx is to one day open up the MEET experience to every child in the region.

alumni program

With a rapidly growing alumni community now numbering about 811 Israeli and Palestinian youth and young adults, MEET’s alumni program activities aim to provide our graduates with continued opportunities for personal and professional development, as well as to keep them connected to the organization and its mission and to one another. In 2019, with alumni taking control over and ownership of the programing, the alumni program has been supporting alumni in developing their academic and professional careers throughout recent years via our Mentoring Program, tailored workshops by experts and utilizing our strong network.

Another key aspect of alumni programming in recent years is the onboarding of new cohorts of graduates and integrating them with our alumni network, via special events as part of their Year3 summer. Following their graduation, our Class of 2019 alumni took this a step further by initiating and implementing an overnight seminar at Neveh Shalom focused on activism and on serving as ambassadors of MEET’s values, vision and mission in their communities.

Recently, with a generous donation from the Armony family, MEET set up the Armony Family Scholarship Fund. Every year, one MEET alum will receive a scholarship of $100k to help cover the cost of a four-year undergraduate degree in one of the best universities in the world.