our impact

embracing teamwork

94% of students
report increased CS and entrepreneurship capacity

91% of students
feel more confident about CS

97% student satisfaction
with instructors and facilitators

12th alum admitted to MIT
on full scholarship

striving for excellence

3 alumni
serve on meet's 
Board of Directors

71% of alumni
remain actively involved

alumni lead
our alumni program, the Jerusalem hub and the yearlong CS curriculum

65% of our educational team
are alumni

alumni featured
on Forbes, NYT, The Marker, TechCrunch and FemJLM

leading by example
87% of students
gained a better understanding of people from the other nationality

94% of students
are willing to work with people from the other nationality

85% of graduating
cohort felt proud of their teamwork on their startup project

thinking big!
260 students and
30 instructors

making Summer 2022 the biggest yet!

MEETx applications increased by 140%,
with a fourth
cohort launched!

560+ family members  and
hi-tech and business stakeholders

engaged via events

721 alumni
in the alumni network

Our best evaluation that illustrates the meaning and impact of MEET is the impressive cohort of over 700 alumni, social entrepreneurs, researchers and activists, and their achievements. 

So far, 30 MEET alumni have been accepted to the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology,  12 got accepted to MIT, another 2 to Harvard, and many more to several universities in Europe, including the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and King’s College in the UK.

Moreover, two Alumnae were featured in 30 Under 30 by Forbes Israel – Helen Wexler (Israeli) in 2017, and Shayma Sharif (Palestinian) in 2020. 

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Shayma Sharif Shahd Nara Alicia Kamien Kazhdan

meet our alumni

MEET alumni lead by example. They are founding innovative ventures, attending prestigious universities, and giving back to their communities — and to MEET.

Shayma Sharif

Class of 2008

Shayma is the first-ever Palestinian woman to work for an Israeli VC firm, the NFX Guild. She was recently recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 and TheMarker's 40 Under 40 lists. Shayma is also the first MEET alumna to join MEET's Board of Directors, and she even has a Master's degree from the Technion.

Sadek Jabr

Class of 2007

Sadek is a MEET Alum from East Jerusalem and a lead MEET Computer Science Instructor. He is also the founder of Code for Palestine, an NGO in the West Bank that teaches Palestinian youth coding, thus helping a new generation of Palestinian youth on a path towards higher education and employment.

Moshiko Ben Giat

Class of 2006

After finishing his military services as an IDF Naval Officer, Moshiko rejoined MEET to create and launch MEETx, our newest educational hub. Through Moshiko's leadership, MEET was able to recruit new students from 61 different geographic locations. MEETX will increase the number of young people touched by our lifechanging programming to 300 active students (50% increase) in 2020.

Helen Wexler

Class of 2007

Helen was included on Forbes Israel's 30 Under 30 in 2017 for her work with the Jerusalem Development Authority, where she managed a fund of 800M NIS to invest in binational startups in Jerusalem. A Space Architect and Founder of BubbleBase, her work in designinging 3D printed housing for Mars was recognized by NASA.